New Hot Lunch Program at St. Charles Parish School

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Dear Parents,

I hope your summer continues to be relaxing for your children and your families.

I'm writing today to let you know about our new hot lunch program as there are significant changes from last year.

As I stated in previous Weekly Rundowns, our new hot lunch provider is 4 P's in a Pod. We are excited to welcome this new vendor to St. Charles Parish School and we look forward to working with them.

One major change is that all hot lunches must be pre-ordered well in advance. No longer will there be onsite ordering the day your student wants hot lunch. Every hot lunch must be ordered weeks ahead of time. We know it will take time to adjust to the new system but we are confident that the changes will fall into place before long.

If you would like to order hot lunch for your child in August and September, please visit the 4 P's in a Pod website and create an account. 

For step-by-step directions on how to create your 4 P's in a Pod account and to learn more about 4 P's in a Pod click HERE. When setting up your account please use the school code: SCH.

Please know that all hot lunch orders and payments are handled through your account with 4 P's in a Pod.No hot lunch orders will be billed through TADS. All hot lunch orders will be handled through 4 P's in a Pod and all payments are between families and 4 P's in a Pod.

Milk is not offered through 4 P's in a Pod but students can receive milk from the school for $0.05 for each milk (same as last year). All milk charges will continue to be billed through TADS and students can take a milk during lunch any time they would like. There is no pre-ordering for milk. For students who don't want milk, a water jug and cups will be available during each lunch period.

It is recommended that families set up accounts for all their children even if they don't order hot lunch during the first month of school. It's better to create the accounts now to allow for easier ordering down the road. We ask that you please take time now to set up the account. 

All lunch orders for the months of August (Aug. 27- Aug 30) and September at due by Thursday, Aug. 15. Please order before this deadline. Late orders are subject to a late fee and please know the School Office will not be able to place late orders for students. Once again, the ordering and payment is between our school families and 4 P's in a Pod. The School Office will not have access to the accounts set up by families.

As we move ahead families will order hot lunches about a month in advance. Each month families will receive an email from 4 P's in a Pod announcing that the menu for the following month is available and lunches can be ordered. 

Be sure to note on your personal calendars when your child is getting hot lunch and when your child is having a cold lunch. It's important that parents keep track of the days their children are receiving hot lunch.

I know this is a big change but I'm certain the transition will be smooth.

Thank you for your patience and if you have any questions regarding the hot lunch program, please reach out to 4 P's in a Pod or myself for assistance. 

God Bless,

Dan Garvey