Reminders from the School Office

Please read these reminders from the School Office!

  • Lost and Found: If your child has recently lost anything, please be sure to have them check out the Lost and Found by the school office. There are lots of items in there right now!
  • Sick Policy: This is just a reminder that if your child is sick in the morning, please call the school office before 8:30 a.m. to let us know. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is sick in the morning. A child with a temperature of 100 or above should not be at school. If the temperature develops at school, the parent or an approved family member must come get the child.
  • Arriving Late/Leaving Early: If a student arrives late to school or returns from an appointment, they must check in at the school office. This includes on Mass Days; students must check in at the office prior to going to Mass. Similarly, if a student will be leaving early or going to an appointment, they must stop in the school office first.
  • Schedule Changes: If your child's schedule unexpectedly changes during the school day, please let us know prior to noon to ensure that both students and teachers are aware of changes as soon as possible. 
  • Scheduling Appointments: Whenever possible, please book appointments for your children before or after school so that they do not miss class time. Students are more successful when their schedules are uninterrupted.
  • Medicine: If students need to take medicine during the school day, please be sure to bring it to the school office in its original packaging along with this form.
  • Deliveries: If a student forgets their lunch or any other items at home, you must deliver them to the school office when you arrive. We will take them to your child's classroom.