1.  How do I order Scrip?

Our parish office stocks some cards on-site and is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The order form can be found in the Parish Office and on our school website. The order form is in the Parish Office, too.

You can go to the SCRIP website and create an account!

The Raise Right app is my personal favorite way to order! With the app (available at the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for other devices), you can order electronic cards (eCards) that are delivered to you in seconds. You can also order physical gift cards from the app that can be picked up from the Parish Office. There are hundreds of vendors and specially-added bonus rebates you won’t get at the Parish Office. Because they come to your Wallet so fast, I always check the app whenever I’m shopping and grab a card in the checkout line.


  1.  The app/website is asking for the Enrollment Code?

The school code is found on the “Why Scrip” page, and it is:  8F6L51D1476L. This unique code ensures all your rebate comes back to St. Charles.


  1.  Should I use a bank account or credit card on the app/website?

The app and website do charge a convenience fee for online purchases. If you use a bank account, it only charges $0.15 per order. For credit cards, they charge 2.6% of order cost. My advice is to go with a bank account. I’ve had no issues with safety purchasing over the past two years.


  1.  When will I get my order?

I order weekly on Sundays. I ask all online orders to be placed by 11:59 pm on Saturdays.  The Parish Office gets the orders in by Wednesday, and then they are sorted by volunteers. If you signed a waiver for your child to bring it home, it will be in their backpack on Friday.  If there is no waiver, you may pick it up in the Parish Office once you are notified.


  1.  Can I order online/in the app and use a check?

You can! Please bring your check to the Parish Office as soon as you can following order placement. Orders under $200 can be included in that week’s order before payment is received. Any order over $200 must be pre-paid before being included in that week’s order. All payments must be received before orders are released.


  1.  Can relatives order to raise money for my family’s contribution?

Absolutely! Anyone anywhere can order electronic gift cards through the app using our school enrollment code.  At the Parish Office, have them note on the order form the name of the family who should receive the credit. PLEASE email me to let me know when your relatives sign up online so I can assign them to your family in the software. That is how you will get credit for their purchases. 


  1.  I want to donate my rebate to another family but forgot to put it on the Scrip form. 

No problem! Let me know, and I can arrange it so any percentage from 1% to 100% goes to another family within the St. Charles school community.


  1.  How do I keep track of my rebate contributions?

If you are using the app, you can check the status of your account at any time. If you are using the Parish Office, email me and I will look up your year-to-date totals and get back to you. The Scrip year runs from July 1 through June 30.


  1.  Can I order physical gift cards to be delivered to me at home?

Yes – up to 16 cards at a time. However, it is very costly as noted on their website

 For gift cards shipped using USPS, the fee is $0.50 postage per order and $0.50 per card for a total of $1.00 - $8.50 per order. For UPS, the fee is $11.00 or $16.00 based on the method selected plus $0.50 handling fee per card for a total of $11.50 - $24 per order. You’ll see the total amount at checkout.

It is much more feasible to order them to be delivered to the parish and then mail them out yourself!


  1.  I got the wrong cards in my order from the Parish Office!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but we are all human and mistakes happen. If your child brought the wrong card home, please notify me as soon as possible with any errors and I will exchange them for you ASAP. We have a sign-out sheet in the Parish Office that should be a chance to double-check any orders picked up there. The office staff can help you get the exchange done on the spot. 


Thank you again for supporting the school through Scrip. Again, I am always happy to answer questions at any time. You can reach me via email!


Aimee Behnke

Scrip Coordinator