Support St. Charles by Buying SCRIP!

SCRIP is a program where businesses offer gift cards — they charge the parish a discounted price, and when we buy them for regular price, the difference goes right to the school. Every family is asked to earn $100 in SCRIP rebates yearly; if you have a 3K/4K student only, then we ask you to earn $60. There are 156 families in our roster this year, so that’s about $15,000 we can raise without any added cost to us!

There is an app called “Raise Right” that you can download to your mobile device.

If you haven't purchased SCRIP through their website or on the Raise Right app (formerly called MyScripWallet), you will need to create an account using an enrollment code. The code is 8F6L51D1476L. Once you have created an account, you can use your login information on both the app and on the website.

When you sign in on the app, you will see Today’s Bonuses on the Home Page. From there, you can see extra bonuses.

You can also order from the Parish Office! We keep gift cards from a lot of businesses on hand, but if you use the app, there are many more:
Hulu - 6% back
Apple Store - 5% back
Disney - 3% back
Old Navy - 14% back! For uniforms!
Macy’s - 10% back
Fleet Farm - 3.5% back
L.L. Bean - 16% back
Noodles & Company - 8% back
Athleta - 14% back
Delta Air Lines - 4% back

And it goes on....

We need your support more than ever this year! Please consider using SCRIP for your everyday shopping, and do not hesitate to contact Aimee Behnke, SCRIP Coordinator, with questions.

Thank you for supporting St. Charles!