Athletics Program

Athletic Opportunities at St. Charles

St. Charles Parish has designated the St. Charles Athletic Association (SCAA) to implement and supervise the parish sports programs.  This includes organizing and funding the various athletic teams, selecting and training coaches, and generally overseeing the athletic prorgram.  Sports include boys and girls basketball, cheerleading, track and volleyball

Crusaders Athletics


The primary purpose of the St. Charles athletic program is to provide athletic and sports opportunities in a Christian environment for St. Charles Parish members. These opportunities complement the parish's efforts to provide comprehensive educational and growth opportunities, as well as help the members enjoy sports and recreational activities. Each individual is to be valued as a unique person, possessing in his or her own way unique gifts from God.

The athletic program is designed to:

  • Model Christian values.
  • Include all parish members who express an interest in participating.
  • Teach appropriate reactions and attitudes associated with winning and losing (sportsmanship).
  • Teach the rules and fundamental skills of the game.
  • Develop team spirit by promoting teamwork and improving each player's unique abilities.
  • Promote the need for good physical health and fitness, as well as improvement of motor skills.
  • Participate in interscholastic competition.

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