Home and School Association (HSA)

The St. Charles School HSA is a self-funded organization that primarily exists to provide a forum in which open communication within the school community can be fostered and to promote communication between parents, teachers and administration. The HSA strives to create an environment where parents and volunteers are aware of the requirements and roles they play in the success of the HSA objective. While HSA is a vehicle to mobilize parental efforts in financial support of the school, it also seeks to create and enrich a sense of community and school family.

The HSA conducts business meetings once a month. These are open meetings, and all school parents are invited to attend. Please feel free to bring any new ideas or opinions to these meetings. The HSA is a wonderful example of Christian service to the children, teachers and parents!

The objectives of our HSA are to:  

  • Achieve financial/fundraising goals to help support the short- and long-term viability of St. Charles School.
  • Provide direct financial support to the school for new academic initiatives, the purchase of items that meet identified needs for individual classrooms, improvements to the physical environment of the school, capital purchases that fall outside the school budget or other identified improvements or enhancements.
  • Provide significant financial support to St. Charles Parish for the operating expenses of St. Charles School through an annual commitment of funds.
  • Identify and sponsor community service opportunities for students, parents, and staff.
  • Identify and sponsor social, relationship-building, and enrichment opportunities for students, parents, and staff.

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For questions about the Home and School Association, please contact Sarah Trapp, Home & School Association President.